The course gives an overview of the origin and purpose of a Code of Ethics, and addresses topics such as the FPI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Principles and Standards of Conduct, conducting Ethical Tests and Complaints.

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Educational Aim:

The aim of this module is to provide a brief overview of:

  • The origin and purpose of a Code of Ethics;
  • Professionalism and the Elements of Professionalism;
  • Principles and Standards of Conduct;
  • Treating Customers Fairly
  • Ethical Tests; and
  • Complaints

Educational Overview:

On completion of this module the learner should:

  • Have a clear overview of the concept, origin and purpose of a Code of Ethics;
  • Understand what is meant by Professionalism and what the  elements of professional are;
  • Have an overview of the Principles and Standards of Conduct – in particular as it relates to the Fiduciary Role of the Planner and the Promotion of Services and Truthful Representation.
  • Have an overview of the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) initiative and the 6 fairness outcomes or goals of TCF.
  • Understand the need and application of Ethical Test.
  • Have an overview of the recent FAIS Ombud determinations as it relates to Complaints.

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