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by Lourika Els - Thursday, 27 September 2012, 01:24 PM

Are you willing to make a real difference in the lives of South Africans, while positioning yourself as a true professional in your field?

For our country to achieve the sustainable economic growth and social upliftment it needs, all citizens need to be equipped with the specific financial knowledge, understanding and tools they need to transform their current situation and create their own , self-sufficient and financially secure future. This is what the recently released paper, Skills-based Volunteering :The mark of true professionalism, addresses.

True professionalism is not guaranteed by a professional qualification, recognised certification, membership of a professional body or even the experience, competence and ability of the individual. It serves only as a good external indicator of the likely professionalism of an individual.

The real measure of any person’s true professionalism is revealed when they have nothing financial to gain from their actions, but are still willing to act selflessly and in the best interest of someone else. The individual must be a person who constantly demonstrates the attitude and character of a professional.

The paper explains that financial planners, given the financial training and insights, are equipped to not only offer remuneration-based financial planning expertise to those who want to increase or protect the wealth they already possess. They also offer hope and guidance to those who need to achieve even a small measure of personal financial empowerment. This will contribute to achieving the sustainable economic growth and social upliftment our country needs.

FPI is in the process of developing a comprehensive pro bono programme aimed at creating opportunities for members to involve themselves in skills-based public service.

A few pro bono programmes under consideration include:

  1. Serving the Institute
  2. MYMONEY123
  3. Financial Planning Clinics –
  4. Employer-based Financial Planning Clinics
  5. Student Career Days
  6. Ad hoc Programmes

Take some time to read the Skills-based Volunteering :The mark of true professionalism  paper and explore the incredible opportunities that exist for you to differentiate yourself through your pro bono efforts. 


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