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Changes to the FPI CPD Policy
by Madeleine Coetzee - Thursday, 23 January 2014, 03:22 PM

The FPI has amended its CPD policy and a number of structural changes have been made to the policy.  The aim is to provide the FPI member with more categories to earn CPD whilst at the same time simplifying the process.

The CPD cycle is reduced to one year with a requirement of 35 CPD points.  The type of CPD is no longer categorised as structured or unstructured, but rather as verifiable or unverifiable. Other big changes include the allowance of a transfer of excess points to a next cycle as well as granting of official paternal leave deferral of up to 15 CPD points.

The policy is also amended to allow the member that does not have enough CPD points to earn and claim points in a current cycle for a previous cycle. This assessment is aimed at facilitating the learning process and assist members to understand the impact of this new policy on their developmental plans for 2014 going forward.

Complete this month's course, FPI CPD Policy 2014 Assessment and earn 1 Verifiable CPD points.

By Sherma Malan, Senior Certification Manager, FPI


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