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by Lourika Els - Wednesday, 18 July 2012, 11:10 AM

Last month Godfrey Nti, FPI CEO, said that FPI is embarking on a journey to rebuild trust in the industry by educating consumers on the benefit of financial planning and the importance of seeking advice from  professional financial planners who hold the coveted CFP® professional certification. The launch of eCPD Financial Services is part of this strategy to position FPI members as the most competent, trustworthy and professional individuals in the industry.


FPI is continuing to set higher standards for the practise of financial planning beyond the minimum standards set by regulation and championing issues of professionalism in the industry.  eCPD Financial Services will help in rebuilding trust in the credibility of financial planners as they stay accountable towards FPI through obtaining their CPD. Relevant CPD courses will be developed and published regularly on the AOSIS eCPD platform and PFI members can build their CPD record at a reduced fee through the online facilities of eCPD.

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-  Adv. Jacqui Grovè (Editor-in-Chief of eCPD Financial Services)


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